Garnier Skin Care

If you know me, you know that I am OBSESSED with the "All-In-1 Mattifying Cleanser" & "Charcol Makeup Remover Wipes" from @garnierusa. However, last night when I used this highly rated sheet mask, the first thing I noticed was that the mask contained a lot of moisture. I mean a lot! So when it was time to take it off, I had more than enough to rub into my skin & neck.  

Unfortunately after I woke up, I felt that my skin had been somewhat flaky. I'm guessing that it came from the dried up residue?! Who knows, but I'll just say that minor issue  threw me off a bit. All in all, I love the mask. It is very hydrating, as it is proclaimed to be, and I failed to mention that you feel a tingly sensation while it's been sitting on your face for a few minutes. So at least you know that it is going to work. My face was so soft this morning, after rinsing off the residue that I barely put on primer or moisturizer.  I wanted to get a good feel of how my skin was going to behave today. 

And to say the least... I only had to blot my t-zone area twice today! 

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