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If you know me well, you already know that for at least the past 10 years, I've always renamed myself as "Wonder Woman". She's is more than just my inspiration, she's my alter ego! With that being said, as soon as I saw that Luxie Beauty had released their latest LE Wonder Woman face brush set, I made it a priority to purchase it. Even if I was going to hold on to it as a collectible, I had to have it.

The set itself cost $95.00, however when you subscribe as a member you get a 20% discount code on your first purchase. At first I was very hesistant about the price, but then I easily convinced myself by saying that I deserve to treat myself with any Birthday gifts I wanted for myself!

When the set arrived a week later, I couldn't stop raving and posting about the set, I seriously was acting like a brand embassador for Luxie, that's how real the thirst was! From the packaging, brush holder, design, colors, firmness & compact mirror I was ecstatic to try the brushes so I waited til my birthday (June 16) and gave each brush a shot.

I started of with the...

830 Flat Kabuki Brush

- I love this kind of brush because it is perfect to stipple on your liquid foundation and smoothly spread it out. It is also great for powder foundation because it evenly distributes enough of the product on to your face.

836 Tappered Kabuki

- Becuase of its dome shaped hairs, this brush was perfect to start my contour on my forehead, cheeks and jawline.

834 Angled Buffer Brush

- This is the brush I used to apply my blush onto the apples of my cheeks. It is very important to always start from your ear then work your product into your face.

840 Fan Brush

- The most dense/full fan brush I've ever seen and/or felt. It feels amazing & it is best to use it with bronzer/highlighter. It picks up not to little or not too much of the product, so a small dab on the nose and upper lip will also glide right on.

832 Beauty Buffer Brush

- Wala magic! This goddess here will come in at the end and finish the job. With this brush I blended in everything I had applied to my face.

In addition, I am completely satisfied with this brush set. I even wish that the eye brushes came along with it. It is worth the buy, and it's a perfect keepsake for those that love Wonder Woman as much as I do!

Luxie Beauty x Wonder Woman

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